The Good Silver Opens in Columbia Heights With Shrub Cocktails And Monty Python Jokes

Published May 11, 2017

The Good Silver, the name for the new tavern replacing Kangaroo Boxing Club, started out as a joke. Owners Josh Saltzman, Chris PowersAdam Fry, who also run Ivy and Coney, and their new partner Carrie Dzwil were having trouble coming up with what to call the Columbia Heights spot, so they started riffing.

“Chris and I were joking in the car one day about wanting it to be comfortable, like, ‘It’s your living room but grandma brought out the good china because guests are over,’” Saltzman says. The pair immediately seized on “The Good China” as a name, but ended up rejecting it because they worried customers would assume they were a Chinese restaurant. They also dismissed “The Good Crystal” because “there’s no bad crystal.” Then Fry proposed “The Good Silver,” and it stuck.

The restaurant and bar opened earlier this week at 3410 11th St., Northwest, around four months after the owners closed Kangaroo Boxing Club. Saltzman says their previous business wasn’t making as much money as they wanted, and they were eager to try fresh concepts.

Among the changes to the menu are a selection of shrub-based cocktails. That set off another series of inside jokes: “Somebody quoted [Monty Python] and said, ‘We are the Knights Who Say Ni, and we require a shrubbery!’” chuckles Saltzman. “We were talking with our PBR rep and asked, ‘Do you want to help us put up our mural? We want to do the Knights Who Say Ni,’ and he was like, ‘For real?”‘…read more here.

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