Photos: Signs and Protesters at Climate March

Published May 1, 2017

Around 200,ooo people hailing from all over the US marched down Pennsylvania Avenue Saturday to demand action on climate change and to push for environmental protections. Fittingly, the temperature climbed to 91 degrees by mid-afternoon, tying a Washington heat record for April 29 set in 1974.

“I just had a child and I’m marching for her but also for me and everyone else. It’s not just a future generations problem, it’s our generation’s problem,” says Nick Brown, who came from Raleigh, North Carolina, for the event. “The current administration is completely ignoring the climate change problem. I don’t think they necessarily believe that it’s a hoax, I think that there are private interests that are paying a lot of money to legislators to spread lies about climate change in order to keep the fossil fuel industry going and make money.”

The event marked President Donald Trump’s hundredth day in office, which has included multiple rollbacks of Barack Obama-era climate policies and environmental protections, as well as threats to pull out of the Paris climate agreement. The EPA took down a website about climate science on Friday evening right before the march, saying all of its climate content  was “under review.”

“My husband and I had to come here because Scott Pruitt is now the head of the EPA, and he was our attorney general and we saw the damage he did to Oklahoma,” says Carolyn Meyer, a central Oklahoma resident who also attended last week’s March for Science. “We’re being fracked to death, and it’s causing a lot of earthquakes–nearly daily earthquakes–and we’ve had damage to our house.”…read more here.

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