A New DC True-Crime Podcast About the Lyon Sisters Debuts Today (Plus 10 More Local Podcasts We Love)

Published March 20, 2017


The mysterious disappearance in 1975 of 12-year-old Sheila Lyon and her ten-year-old sister Katharine shook Washington. The perplexing case stymied investigators and forced area parents to rethink their children’s safety for decades. Although a Virginia man, Lloyd Lee Welch Jr., is awaiting trial on murder charges for the Lyon sisters’ deaths, many questions about the case remain unanswered.

WTOP reporter Neal Augenstein is attempting to follow up on the sisters’ disappearance 40 years ago with a new podcast, The Investigation Continues, the first episode of which is being released Monday. For new Washington residents who didn’t grow up hearing about the case, it’s an interesting exploration of local history; for those who were around to remember the Lyon girls’ disappearance as it made headlines, it’s a fresh and illuminating look.

The Investigation Continues is just one of many local podcasts that will help you better know (and love) the city. Here are ten more favorites:

  1. DecodeDC (The E.W. Scripps Company)
    Hosted by a former lobbyist with a delightful accent and decades of insider perspective, DecodeDC offers a straight-talk breakdown of DC’s inner workings and demystifying insight about its people, culture, policies and politics…read more here.

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