“Blue-Collar Cats” Get New Leases on Life By Hunting DC’s Rats

Published March 16, 2017

Rat and cat playing "cat and mouse"

Photo courtesy of iStock

Washington has the disgusting distinction of being the third most rat-infested city in the United States, but a new initiative from the Humane Rescue Alliance is trying to correct that with a new program called Blue Collar Cats. The program takes feral felines that come in to the shelter and pairs them with rodent-plagued businesses or homes in exchange for food and shelter.

“That’s always the first goal: we want to place animals in adoptive homes,” says Lauren Lipsey, the Alliance’s vice president for community programs. “But cats that don’t exhibit a lot of [social behavior towards humans] don’t have a lot of options, particularly if they don’t have a safe community or colony to go back to. For those cats, historically euthanasia has been a reality.”

While the District passed trap-neuter-return laws in 2008, some shelter cats aren’t good candidates for adoption or release back into the community. But even the most anti-social feline is still a strong rodent deterrent…read more here.

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