15 Utterly Interesting Podcasts to Binge On During the Snowstorm

Published March 14, 2017


Get those podcasts ready. (Image credit: Miki Yoshihito)

Meteorologists are predicting a potentially large amount of snow to fall on DC by Tuesday morning, and that just might mean a snow day for federal workers and employees of other organizations that swear by the Office of Personnel Management’s schedule. But just because you’ll be stuck inside doesn’t mean you have to be bored and intellectually isolated. Here’s a list of stimulating podcasts that will help you pass the hours—and learn a ton in the process.

  1. Crimetown (Gimlet Media)

    This new podcast examines the tangled permutations of crime and corruption in US cities. Its inaugural season explores the colorful characters of Providence, Rhode Island, where organized crime and other depravity has infected every aspect of public life.

    Perfect for: Understanding how messed up the world is.

  2. Ponzi Supernova (Audible)

    Essentially a finance spin on the wildly popular true-crime genre, this podcast features recent interviews with convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff. It’s hosted by journalist Steve Fishman, who interviewed Madoff for New York magazine in 2011.

    Perfect for: Serial fans.

  3. Missing Richard Simmons (Stitcher) 

    This podcast follows filmmaker Dan Taberski as he searches for his missing friend Richard Simmons. Simmons, fitness guru and famously accessible celebrity, suddenly disappeared without explanation in 2014. The deeper Dan digs, the stranger the story gets.

    Perfect for: Nancy Drew-wannabes and people who loved sweatin’ to the oldies

    Read the rest here

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