WAMU Announces New Show ‘1A’ As Diane Rehm Retires

Public radio station WAMU-FM announced a new show and host today following the retirement of venerated radio journalist Diane Rehm, whose 37-year-old newsmagazine program is carried on nearly 200 radio stations across the country.

The Diane Rehm Show will be succeeded by 1A, a live two-hour daily program with a similar format hosted by journalist Joshua Johnson.The name “1A” is a reference to the First Amendment, and the new show will “help America look at itself and to ask what it wants to be” with a focus on solutions, according to a press release. Rehm introduced Johnson to listeners during her broadcast this morning.

Rehm, who was awarded a National Humanities Medal in 2014, is widely appreciated for her illuminating interviews with a diverse array of public figures.

“In probing interviews with everyone from pundits to poets to presidents, Ms. Rehm’s keen insights and boundless curiosity have deepened our understanding of our culture and ourselves,” a military aide noted during the Humanities Medal ceremony….read more here.

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