Protesters Shoved At Office Building Of Republican Jewish Coalition

At least four different demonstrations were planned today in D.C. to protest the appointment of former Breitbart News leader Steve Bannon as President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist. While the first was an uneventful, if soggy, protest outside the White House, the second turned confrontational.

Two men who appeared to be property managers at the downtown building where the Republican Jewish Coalition has offices pushed and shoved a small group of Jewish protesters who showed up to urge the RJC to speak against the appointment of a notorious anti-Semite.

The demonstration was part of a national Day of Jewish Resistance denouncing Islamophobia and other forms of discrimination and criticizing some mainstream Jewish organizations’ silence on Bannon.

“The RJC has congratulated Trump on winning and has not denounced the appointment of Bannon even in the wake of all the anti-Semitic rhetoric,” protester Jenna Bluestein said. “They’ve even gone so far as to defend Steve Bannon by saying his support for Israel and the occupation should cancel out anti-Semitism, and we’re basically here to say that that’s not okay, that we need our Jewish communal institutions to stand against anti-Semitic rhetoric and other hate rhetoric.”…read more here.

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