Photos: Museum of the Bible Will Open One Year From Today

The vast Museum of the Bible is set to open near the National Mall one year from today, and it has set the ambitious goal of being the most technologically advanced museum in the world. From smart digital docents to immersive theater experiences, founders and designers hope that innovative new tech will set the museum apart.

The eight-story, one-block building at offers a gorgeous view of the District skyline from the Biblical garden on the roof and a glassed-in hall. If visitors read every placard and saw every artifact and experienced every activity in the museum, it would require nine days at eight hours per day, museum organizers say. Exhibitions will examine the impact, narratives and history of the ancient text; one display explores influence the Bible has had in the world, another features the role of the Bible throughout American history.

“There are a lot of myths out there, a lot of things have been printed over the hundreds of years, and so we’ve gone back to the original documents the best we could,” museum president Cary Summers said. “We’re not trying to correct anything, we’re just trying to say: here’s the balanced story of the role of the Bible. It’s like the good, the bad, the ugly. It wasn’t all great and glory, but the Bible survived and it had a role in American history. That’s what we want to show.”…read more here.

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