D.C. Prepares For Heat Emergencies To Nearly Double By 2020, Among Other Climate Change Effects

District residents should expect more dangerous heatwaves, severe storms, and flooding in the coming years, according to the city’s plan to address climate change released today. And people in Wards 7 and 8 will be the most vulnerable to the hostile effects of a changing climate.

D.C. currently experiences around 11 heat emergency days per year, which could almost double to 20 days by 2020 and spike up to 75 days by 2080, according to the report. Washingtonians should also expect much warmer average temperatures; longer, hotter, and more frequent heat waves; and more frequent and intense heavy rain and flooding.

The city has already begun to see record-breaking heat waves and snowstorms as well as flooding caused by rising sea levels and high rainfall. Climate Ready DC, the city’s readiness plan, looks at current weather patterns and predicts how they will change by 2080. The report, which was developed by consulting with experts inside and outside of District government, then outlines the city’s strategies to adapt….read more here.

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