Electricity-Generating Sidewalk Unveiled In Dupont

Pedestrians can now generate electricity with every step they take on the brand-new kinetic sidewalks unveiled today in a tiny “pocket park” in Dupont Circle.

Earlier today the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District cut the ribbon on “the Connecticut Avenue Overlook,” located south of the Dupont Circle Metro station on Connecticut Avenue. The park features sidewalks that use technology called Pavegen pavers, a flooring material made from recycled polymer and truck tires that converts energy from pedestrian’s footsteps into electricity. The energy from the pavers is stored in batteries, which power LED accent lights in the park at night.

“From streetlights to traffic signals and now pavers, DDOT is fully embracing sustainable technology,” said DDOT Director Leif Dormsjo in a press release. “The improvements at Connecticut Avenue Overlook are just the latest examples of our commitment to innovative infrastructure as we strive to make the District one of the nation’s premier cities for smart technology.”

Planning for the pocket park and its energy-generating sidewalk started in 2013 to replace the dull concrete plaza with something more functional and beautiful. The Connecticut Avenue Overlook is a pilot project funded by a $200,000 DC Office of Planning Sustainable DC Innovation Challenge grant, and it is part of an ongoing effort to revitalize Connecticut Avenue, which connects Dupont Circle to K Street….read more here.

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