Bernie Sanders Rallies With Hundreds For ‘People’s Agenda’ At U.S. Capitol

The feeling was almost… jubilant at a sun-soaked U.S. Capitol rally this afternoon where Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and hundreds of labor and other social justice activists celebrated the defeat of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and vowed to fight some of President-elect Donald Trump’s policies.

A variety of labor unions, including nurses and flight attendants, as well as other supporters gathered at Upper Senate Park to press for a common social justice agenda. Many waved anti-TPP signs and posters reading “Hindsight is 2020,” referencing a future Sanders presidential run. Several speakers affirmed their solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and vowed to fight for embattled Americans.

“I have not the slightest doubt that millions of people voted for Donald Trump despite, despite their understanding he is a racist and a sexist. But they voted for him because they believed he was going to stand up to the establishment. WE all know Donald Trump is not going to stand up to the establishment, WE are are going to stand up to the establishment,” Sanders said to enthusiastic cheers. Earlier in the day, Sanders told reporters at a breakfast that if Trump “has the guts” to stand up to corporate interests, “he will have an ally with me.” Read the rest here.

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