Thousands Of D.C. High School Students Walk Out To Protest Trump

Students around D.C. are planning to walk out of class today to protest Trump’s electoral victory and show support for those fearful of what his presidency will bring.

Groups at Woodrow Wilson High School and other public schools, as well as university students at GW, are planning to leave class early this afternoon and march to the Trump International Hotel downtown. The events are separately organized.

There has been an active social media campaign #DCPSWalkOut urging students in D.C. public schools to leave school at noon, meet at Metro Center, and march down Pennsylvania avenue to Trump hotel. Woodrow Wilson High School in Northwest saw students arriving this morning with protest signs.

“As [high school] students we don’t get to vote but we’re going to be suffering the greatest consequences of what’s happened in this election,” Nico, a high school senior at Wilson who helped organize the protests, told a WUSA9 reporter. “So this is our way to unite, to come together, to show our voice, and really play a part in a country that that we really desperately want to be proud of but that we’re having a difficult time of doing right now.”…read the rest here.

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