Washington Meets Reality Of Election With Stunned Disbelief

Published November 9, 2016

“You know how on the Titanic, the band kept playing as the ship sank?”


“That’s what it is like out here.”

So said our photographer after capturing the relatively early scenes at the White House, when several choral groups came together around 11:30 p.m. for a “flash choir” with the goal of showing the world that “we as a country are better than bigotry.” Instead, the performance, organized by the activist group Avaaz, felt like something more akin to a funeral march.

A few hours, and an unfathomable election result later, some members of the crowd at the White House periodically chanted “fuck Donald Trump.” But a growing number of Trump supporters showed up to revel in victory—almost all of them young, white males. Most wore Make America Great Again hats. One came draped in the American flag as a cape. No matter their political affiliation, everyone expressed surprise at the outcome.…read the rest here.

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