Why Blaming Rihanna For Staying With Chris Brown is So Wrong

16268f32ae459fc128aa6569469703cbThis particular Confession Bear put me over the edge today. For the uninformed: On the four-year anniversary of Chris Brown’s bloodying Rihanna’s face, the two snuggled together at the Grammys. Days earlier, she blew him kisses at his probation hearing where he was in court for falsifying community service documents — service Brown was supposed to complete for beating her. Unsurprisingly, commenters and columnists are again dismissing Rihanna as stupid, essentially blaming her for her own abuse.

Look, despite her celebrity status, Rihanna’s on- and off-again affair with Brown is in many ways very typical of an abusive relationship. On average, domestic violence survivors attempt to leave seven times before getting out for good. Leaving is far more complicated than realizing, “He’s mean, so I’m going to end this.” There are many reasons why survivors can’t or don’t successfully leave their abuser: they may fear their partner will harm them, will harm their children or pets, will commit suicide, or otherwise harm himself. In most cases, their fears are well-founded.  Read more at PolicyMic.com

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